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Interior Mounted Radon Fan 

This slide show is of an interior mounted fan type system. Fan is mounted in garage attic and vents out garage roof. Suction point is in a finished craft room. A floor drain pit cover was installed because tile system when house was built runs into floor drain pit. This clear Lexan cover helps prevent heat loss and improves suction of Radon System.

clear lexan, removable, sealed sump pump cover

This is what we like to use on our sump pit covers when possible, it is easy to remove and the clear Lexan lets you know if you are having trouble with your sump pump.

Radon Mitigation

Sealed Membrane in crawlspace. Before and after. 

interior Mounted High suction fan

This system is a interior mounted high suction fan. The reason for the higher suction fan was due to the type of soil under the basement slab. 


Exterior Mounted Radon Fan

‚Äč‚ÄčThis Slide show is of an exterior mounted fan type system on a 2 story house, and other one is on the courthouse in Manchester.